Goddess A. Brouette specializes in taking risks with her complex and well-developed characters. She isn’t afraid to dive into the complexities of a character’s mind and push them to their limits to see how far they can go. Whether the characters are developing negatively or positively, it’ll be a wild ride any time you open one of her books.

Born in The Bronx, New York, she always found herself immersed in a fantasy world in order to see something other than the bustling city streets. In fact, she won two poetry awards gifted to her by New York City in middle school. After that, she spent almost a decade focused on character development by writing on Tumblr. After moving to Virginia, she majored in Business at Bridgewater College and was heavily involved in their theater department doing hair and makeup for various plays. But despite all of this, she wanted to go back to writing full-length stories and her author career had begun.