That's Life: Arlissa's Encore

Coming Soon!

When would you realize that the reality you’re experiencing isn’t your own?

For Arlissa Benson, nothing was more important than experiencing a love that burned just as bright as the ones in young adult dramas. Her love life paid homage to the movies her sister loved before she died. But falling for a famous boxer proved to be more dangerous than what she witnessed on the big screens. Now, she’s facing a media circus as she stands on trial for Xavier Amari’s murder.

Arlissa had given up a small town life to mold herself into the person he asked her to be. She became an overnight sensation; the model everyone envied with fans and blogs keeping tabs on her through social media posts. However, when she needs a support system the most, no one is left to care. The bridges she's burned have proven to be unfixable— and the world she knows is bending until it breaks.

Arlissa finds herself lost between two worlds and struggling to find her exit. In one, she’s a mother in the process of bringing down an empire. But in the other, she’s alone in a world that’s lacking color. If she loses this case, she loses her daughter.

Who do you run to when you can’t trust your own reflection? Arlissa struggles to find hope until it shows itself in the unlikeliest of events. 

Is it real? Is it fake? Or is it all just life?

Sequel to Writings on the Wall: Arlissa's Story