Writings on the Wall: Arlissa's Story

Published: 10/1/2021

A young woman chases a life worthy of a primetime drama and realizes the consequences of her actions a little too late in this heartbreaking yet reality-shifting debut novel by Goddess A. Brouette.

If you had the chance to recall every event that led you to your biggest regret- would you take it?

After graduating high school, Arlissa Benson doesn't isn't sure where to go next in life. She's been playing the cards life has dealt her, but not intelligently. However, her best friend Alejandra Garcia provides her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow her to Los Angeles and watch her kick off her music career. Arlissa's test begins now.

Who am I? What do I want to be when I grow up? What will I do when I find my dead boyfriend in bed? Questions she never asked herself, but probably should have. Impressionable and unworldly, Arlissa is thrown into a life she never asked for. But what no one knows is that her dead sister's voice acts as her conscience, guiding her down a more entertaining path; rather than a smart one.

There's a new definition to the word "lost" as Arlissa finds herself wandering Los Angeles without a clear direction. However, when she meets professional boxer Xavier Amari, maybe things aren't so dreadful after all. What could be so bad about the man who only shows up in the middle of the night and is obsessed with chasing sunrises and sunsets? Surely, he doesn't have any inner demons that take excessive amounts of drugs to control. The pair form a strong connection, despite the warning signs surrounding them.

What Arlissa doesn't realize is the truth has always been written in red ink right in front of her, this game called life isn't a movie. And no one is playing fair.

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